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How do the kids react to these "creatures" since they are not the typical witches,vampires,ghosts and such? They look like the makings of many nightmares....in a good way ;)
Overall the kids seem to relate to them very well. I get alot of comments from the adults because of the uniqueness of them.

How did you make the lanterns? I see that they are mason jars, but how did you distress them?
They were super-simple to make. I merely sprayed some black spraypaint into them, then while it was still wet dropped in a piece of flaming newspaper. This burns off some of the paint and helps to give the sooty look ( caution, the entire inside of the glass will be engulfed in flame...be very careful when attempting this, and do not do this around other flammable objects. DO not look into the jar while lighting the flame!!!)
I then stuffed a rag into the jar and turned it to remove some of the still-wet paint and smear it around a bit. The larger jar has about a spoonfull of plaster of paris dissolved in a bit of water, then swished around to give the inside a gritty and dirty look.
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