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The 3rd Haunted Mansion Foam Crypt

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So after a month it is done and soon to be put in the yard to join the other two. Like the others I changed the names to ancestors of mine, and went for a light grey color rather then the tan the original is. Its also the largest of the three just missing the garage ceiling by half an inch.


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Thanks for the compliments. The. Moldings for the top of the column is white foam like the rest but I measure them out where I want the curve to be cut in, then I take it to my bench grinder and slowly shave more and more foam off until I get it as close as I can and then sand it lightly with a fine grit until it smooths out.

To cut out the letters I originally used to do draw them out freehand then cut them out with a razor blade. The much quicker way I do it now is I print out the lettering from the computer making sure it's the size I want. Then tape it to the foam where I have peeled of the wrapping, then trace the letters with a pen, and when you take off the paper its left an outline the the foam. I go over it the indents on the foam with a pen just so I can fully see the letters, then I burn them out with a soldering iron. I also have a fan on high blowing on the area so the heat from the iron doesn't melt more of the foam then I want it to.

My workroom is actuallyour kitchen. I have a very tolerant wife.
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