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The 2016 Spooky Town/Halloween Village Thread

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Guess it's time to start a new thread for the new year. In just a few months we should see the 2016 Lemax releases for Spooky Town.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to keep my one cat out of the display. I have a permanent set up in the basement and it has never been bothered until a couple weeks ago. I have some clear pvc bordering it but it's only a bout a foot tall. Guess I'm going to have to figure something else that's higher. She already broke one piece and I really don't want to take it down.
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Def. will be on the lookout - thanks thisdougsforu! Hoping they have some nice, smaller light up table pieces this year.
Someone who saw the video before it was pulled also saw a cool looking swamp themed piece.
Been wanting them to expand to include more classic Halloween themes and monsters, so this sounds really interesting. Would be easy to fit into a display with any of their more decrepit buildings.
The Lemax 2016 Spookytown Collection is getting revealed this Friday, April 1. Sounds like they put the youtube videos up today and a few people saw them before they made them hidden. Sounds like one building has flying ghosts!

Only a couple days to wait, at least.

About time! lol
Can't wait to see this years line up.
Wow can't wait, but fear the date is a joke :(:D
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Wow can't wait, but fear the date is a joke :(:D

I'm with you! lol Hope it's true!
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I guess this is over my head, but what is "Fear the Date?"
April fools day
As in the recent past most of the stuff we saw at Michael's last year is "new" for 2016. The cathedral and belfry are OK but look too much like others I already have. I'm not alone in the where am I going to put more buildings dilemma so I may pass depending on prices. Hopefully Michael's has something interesting to offer us. I'm sure I'll pick up a few of the figurines I see but have to admit I'm not exactly thrilled with what I saw.
Bummer that almost everything "new" on the building front are just the Michael's exclusives. I guess we will have to wait for Michaels to release their stuff to see what really is new.

At least the Belfry is very cool though. I'll be picking that up for sure.

If you look at the banner pic on the SpookyTown 2016 page there appears to be a couple unlisted pieces including a trick or treater house.
Like the R.I.P. train. Really like the All Hallows Cathedral. Reminds me of something out of a Hammer horror movie. Definitely be adding that one. Monster on Maple Street I think could have been executed better. Just not a very clean design. Also glad to see Wandas Cupcakes is back as I never did get around to picking one up last year. I see a couple of the new figurines I will add also, but overall, not really impressed with this years line up. Especially since half of it is last years pieces.
Shadowbat is that train completely new? I know I've seen a train in the Lemax lineup before.
I think it is. Would have to compare pics, but it looks like it.
I have that train along with the newer one. Looking at the photos it does indeed look identical to the Michael's exclusive version from years back. My box to it is buried to check the year it was originally released as a Michael's Signature item. I took a close look at the Cathedral myself. Out on a fence on that one as it seems to be so similar to the 2nd mausoleum version with stained glass windows added.
I guess i'm a bit confused as this is my first year really looking at starting a Spookytown collection. How are these new if they were in Michael's stores?
I guess i'm a bit confused as this is my first year really looking at starting a Spookytown collection. How are these new if they were in Michael's stores?
Last year was my first year getting into Spooky Town (its freaking awesome, by the way) so let me explain -

Lemax has their standard 2016 items, which were announced today. Spooky Town hits Michaels stores in late July, and at that time the "Michael's exclusive" pieces are announced. You cannot buy them anywhere but Michaels. Going by the past two years patterns, in 2017 many of those exclusive pieces will get slight recolors and be part of the standard line then. Rinse, repeat. Hopefully that makes sense!

For reference, last year's michael exclusive's that are rebranded as "new" for this year are Wanda's Wicked Cupcakes, the Zombie Fortress, the Clown building, and the bumper cars.
Looking over the Spooky Town 2016 lineup, I think the belfry is pretty cool. Excited to see all of these in person.
I uploaded my revamped spooky town display if anyone is interested in seeing it. Got tired of sorting through the pictures so my apologies for any duplicates. I put it in an album under my profile as It ended up being 39 pictures so it's not for the weary. I didn't want to overtake this thread and bore those that have no interest.
Green Figurine Fountain Water feature Statue

We've bought at least one piece every year ever since the beginning, not this year . I will be buying some of the figurines really like the fountain.
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