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The 2016 Spooky Town/Halloween Village Thread

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Guess it's time to start a new thread for the new year. In just a few months we should see the 2016 Lemax releases for Spooky Town.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to keep my one cat out of the display. I have a permanent set up in the basement and it has never been bothered until a couple weeks ago. I have some clear pvc bordering it but it's only a bout a foot tall. Guess I'm going to have to figure something else that's higher. She already broke one piece and I really don't want to take it down.
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Cats can be destroyers :)

Does anyone know a good place to get some fabric for a display? What type of fabric is best? I bought some of lemax's 3 piece display foam and 3 foot of their moss/fabric hybrid stuff. I did not like it that much. Very messy and it fell apart easy. I did like the look of it in my graveyard though.
These are the 2 pieces that are already out that I would like to add to my display. 1 is reasonable the other one might be out of my reach based on what my wife will let me spend :)

Night World Midnight

Playset Cottage House Toy Dollhouse
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is there a discount at any online sites on 2015 items before the 2016 comes out?
Thanks. I just checked Ehobby today and they had some on figures but not buildings. The good deals are sold out already :( I will check regularly though. Thanks for the tip.
didn't really see anything that stood out to me. I got the Zombie Fortress last year and love it and would like something that fits that theme.
I turn my sound down low so I only hear it when I walk over to the display. The problem is when u have too many buildings with sound they just overwhelm you.
I scored the D56 Haunted Fun House last weekend at a garage sale! What a killer piece!

You know, that and the discussion about Lemax's 2016 stuff on the last few pages makes me ask this question- as a person who has really only been into this hobby for less than 2 years it definitely seems like all the cool stuff is from previous years. Why is this? While their are certain exceptions, it sure seems like both companies were really firing on all cylinders in years past. So many awesome looking, intricate pieces. Are the good ideas just all used up? I don't necessarily buy that theory, but even if that was true couldn't they re-release some of the best ones? Just odd to me.
I also just got into this hobby a couple years ago. I used to love going into Menards and seeing their display. This year they had nothing and Michaels were underwhelming. I hope this years offers are better. If not Im going to shift my buying this year to some older stuff.
Cemetery Gate and Ghostly manor are the 2 I want from that set.
Does anyone know if there are any figures that are close to Lemax scale that are in the likeness of Jason from Friday the 13th or any other slasher/horror icons?
I know Lemax makes the slasher chasing piece and slasher rentals (which I cant find).

But im looking for maybe a stand alone piece/s
Hawthorne Village had a slasher set, I have the Elm St. house. They are a bit under scale from the Lemax pieces though. Depending on how you set it up it can work however.
those look really cool. Ebay only has Freddy abd he is $50 just for the figure. Im going to have to keep looking for the Jason I guess, The whole set looks great though,
I just call my local Michaels(Indiana) and they said the new Spookytown would be on a trailer to be delivered this week and should be on display for sale the following week.

Its getting close :)

I hope they have a 50% coupon valid when they are put out to be sold.
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Last year I was able to pick up some figures week of Halloween but that was it, Display was down and all the buildings were gone. I'm going to make sure I get what I really want early this year and use the coupons I hope.
Thanks for posting the pics ThisDougsforU. I'm going to check my local store this weekend just to see if they are up a week early.

I don't see the price on the Cemetery gate. I really want that and the Ghostly manor.

Trick or treat house, costume shop and the gas station look good too and might try to get them on clearance.
After talking to the manager last week at our local Michaels I was informed they should be out this week. I called last night and the manager on duty said they did not receive them and sounded like she had no idea what I was even talking about and was quick to get off the phone without even offering to check on a delivery date.

Customer service at its best.
My store just got them in! So by this time tomorrow I will be the proud owner of Ghostly manor and either the Trick or Treat house or Cemetery Gate.
They're probably waiting until this week's coupons expire and then when they issue new ones they will list Spooky Town as items that are exempt from the discount. :(
I can totally see that happen at some of the stores.
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