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The 2016 Spooky Town/Halloween Village Thread

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Guess it's time to start a new thread for the new year. In just a few months we should see the 2016 Lemax releases for Spooky Town.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to keep my one cat out of the display. I have a permanent set up in the basement and it has never been bothered until a couple weeks ago. I have some clear pvc bordering it but it's only a bout a foot tall. Guess I'm going to have to figure something else that's higher. She already broke one piece and I really don't want to take it down.
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Thanks for starting a new thread - can't wait to see what's in store for this year!

I've used this type of wire cube shelving to make tall sides of a cage before:

You may need to add a few additional supports (usually skewers/2' skinny metal posts zip tied mid-way through), but it worked really well.

As far as base fabric goes, I've used lightweight black fleece and actual pieces of landscape fabric before, but now that I don't do a big display, I tend to use black handkerchiefs &/or cloth placemats/table runners if I want landscape coverage.
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Oh man, I can lose hours browsing that site. Not sure if it's the one you mean, but this looks awesome: America's Most Haunted

This is pretty cool too: Stalking Dead Country

Am also in love with Burton's Carousel - dang I wish I'd win the lottery.
That's disappointing to hear mariab1299 & thisdougsforyu. Be great to get the word out about their size & all the other stuff everyone's brought up. Please consider starting a thread in Reviews (I would but I've had no experience with them.)

Agreed, if they don't fit with the scale/style of your village, it might be a waste.
Def. will be on the lookout - thanks thisdougsforu! Hoping they have some nice, smaller light up table pieces this year.
Been wanting them to expand to include more classic Halloween themes and monsters, so this sounds really interesting. Would be easy to fit into a display with any of their more decrepit buildings.
Looking over the Spooky Town 2016 lineup, I think the belfry is pretty cool. Excited to see all of these in person.
Welcome fletch! Do you do a display, or just put out a few pieces/scenes?

Yeah, Bradford Exchange has the right idea, but it's a weird outfit & it sounds like they're not to scale with Lemax or Dept. 56 (back on pg. 3 there was some discussion about them). Like the artist renderings, but would want to see them in person before buying them.

Anxiously awaiting seeing the new Lemax pieces & Micheal's exclusives in person soon!
Ugh always tease, tease, tease. Went to Michael's and tried to sneak a peek at their aisle layout for seasonal to see if there was anything for fall but didn't have enough time to flip through the whole packet. Need to take a friend to keep a look-out next time.
Thanks & welcome PunkinGal! Especially interested in Ghostly Manor - that looks really cool. C'mon release date!!
Thanks Spookywolf for sharing the Spookytown video link. Seeing them set up always make me want to get everything /o\

Happily used a 50% to get the costume shop - love the green skulls & the copper witch windvane. Having been trying to decide between the doll shop & the ghostly manor. Will have to see if another 50% coupon comes out before Micheal's puts them with a percent off so you can't use the coupons.

Also wanted to add I can't wait to see everyone's set ups!
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Micheal's has a 55% off coupon. Good through today - & it would bring the Ghostly Manor into my price range.

Also, go for it Madame Leota! It would fit very well I think :)
I agree GobbyGruesome, some of the paint jobs are hit or miss. They must of had a different process for production in the first few years - the paint jobs & details were nearly impeccable. Of this years' crop, the Costume shop really looked well designed & had great details. It's def. my favorite for this year.

Lol BR1MSTON3 - one of us, one of us! :D

Nicely done Shadowbat. I know I'm looking forward to seeing how the new pieces fit into my current line-up.
Our Menards now has its Halloween out, including limited Spooky Town. The only thing from the 2016 line is the Bloody Belfry ($72). They had 2015's Wanda's Wicked Cupcakes ($39) & Pumpkin Patch ($49?), as well as 2013's Scariest Halloween House & 2010's Black Cauldron Bootique. If you missed any of them, get to your Menards asap.

Shoot, should have gone back to our Micheals today to see if there was anything worth getting with the BOGO.

@Godcrusher - have you cleared cookies & tried logging in again? It's happened to me too. I do that, & if it doesn't work, I go to an incognito window & log in. That usually allows it to work.
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Thanks RichardG, will def. check it out :D

Spookywolf it seems like whatever's left by mid Oct. starts to get clearanced at that time, at least at our store. I wanna say they start putting it at increasing percentages off near the end of Sept.
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Nicely done! Like the placement and mix of the pieces. Can't wait to see it lit up!
Godcrusher I'll echo Shadowbat that those are a major find at an amazing price! You might have to add another level!

MissT that's a great suggestions. Gotta love how innovative our members are :D

Also I remember when Target sold those buildings - that seems so long ago. Wish they'd continued the line.
I'm in the midst of clearing space and sorting, so hopefully the weekend after next I'll be able to get started. Happily it's supposed to start cooling down soon too, so that'll help get me in the mood. :D

Hmmm, auteur55 did you get a confirmation email? I would think (& hope) that it would include some kind of contact/customer service number.
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Love seeing these videos. Hope to get some pics up of my abbreviated village at some point.

MOD note: Godcrusher, I edited it to show up. Not sure what happened there.
Unfortunately my village display, as well as most my indoor decorating, was a little spartan this year due to family emergencies and having to spend a bunch of time helping a family member move, plus arrange & make college visits. On top of all the usual craziness. It got away from me, but the nice thing is, it proved that I can do more with less and still enjoy what it ends up looking like. Also, hopefully I can use it to take a objective look at my hoard and begin to see what things should go.

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Thanks! I've been enjoying going back and looking over everyone's set ups. So many talented village!masters here :)
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