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I loved that when I logged on just now that the countdown has begun already. Given we had rain expected and my plans got altered drastically, this year can be said to be a success.

Didn't get the rain that we expected but it did drizzle off and on but didn't deter the ToTs. Had 40 last year and planned for 50 with extra stuff in the house but ran out of everything so that my husband had to go shopping twice more. Figure we got closer to 125 this year. Still have to count the goodie bags given away. Biggest surprise of the evening was how popular glow bracelets were. Bigger than candy, no kidding. At one point we ran out of candy and I apologized but when the kids saw that I still had bracelets left they were perfectly happy with one of those. Husband arrived just as the kids were going down the drive way so at least everyone got candy this year. And no rioting of any sort. Kids were all very polite and well mannered.

Biggest thing I learned from this year was you can't start early enough working on your props. Had so much I wanted to do and was all set to assemble until the weather report dampened my spirits. Plan B worked well however and kids and parents were really complimentary. Even was told a number of times that I had the best house they saw. Considering what it might have been this year, I'm psyched to get going again. Hope 2009 is dry.

Hope everyone had a great night.
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