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So yesterday the kids and I (inexpertly - I'm not a jack-o-lantern snob, I just let the kids feed their own whims) carved our pumpkins. We have to do it very close to the day because it stays pretty warm here in the daytime. We lit the candles and it came...That awesome feeling that ONLY comes on Halloween.

No matter where you live, whether it "looks spooky" (like when I lived in the northeast) or whether you're in the tropics or the desert, the hills, in a rural community, in the city...that wonderful, spooky, scary feeling always seems to come on the nights just before Halloween. For me, it happens with the first lighting of a candle in a jack-o-lantern. I can feel that feeling all around me, everyone is gearing up for the same thing at the same time so perhaps it's collected energy...or perhaps it's just personal to me. But I ALWAYS feel it, it is SO different from other nights though the temperature is the same, nighttime falls at roughly the same time, the day was the same as always. Somehow the darkness falls in a more sinister way, the leaves rustle a bit more spookily and as if in readiness for something we can't really know, the wind is bringing that special something.

I love it! I love feeling all that H'ween energy around me, that building up to something special...and fun...and SCARY...and wonderful. And only once a year.

Happy Halloween to my wonderful friends here who have given the holiday even a more special meaning. Thanks for being here and I hope your Halloween is AMAZING!

p.s. Here's my blog post about this feeling.
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