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That Time of year... Looking for aliens and UFOs

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I tried searching the forum for ideas, either my search doesnt work well or there has not been much done with alien/ufo props.

This year i want to do a UFO crash landing in the yard for TOTs and party guests. i already have my eye on a few alien masks (greys) hope to build some lifesize greys around the crash.

Anyone ever build a UFO or alien? I also need some Alieny/Sci Fi decor or props for inside the house. Any links to props, builds, ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I just saw an alien and ship on Craigslist that looked great, it has been sold but may give you an idea. Go to Hudson Valley (NY) and Halloween props, it was listed on 8/25 and is still there because there are more items not sold yet.
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