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Seems to have started here at Ravens Grin Inn (Open every night of the year)
This is the time of the year in which we work the hardest because we never know how busy we are going to be,so my Wife and I are doing it all, which is what we do most of the time, but when you go from 2-6 people a night to 20 or more a night.. it can become nutty!
I still physically enjoy "The Track Meet" and of course showing the house to people, but there is also quite a bit of just plain old "Work" involved here to make it happen.
Then as School begins , it drops off again until the middle of October, and then we will have helpers here to make things go smoother,easier for us.

I was surprised last night concerning some of the customer's reactions.
I scared one big adult male So Much with just an actual small scrap of "Fuzz" I held in my hand!
You never can know who or how they will react. until they do! Then, of course, he had to laugh!
I'm Not making any potential "Grudges" here, (because I "Scared Him") or people needing to return to "Even" any Scores, his immediate laughter reassured me of that.
Love IT!
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