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Thanks for keeping this ----Odd man out----- going.

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All my life my family has really been into Halloween..We always did it up big...trips to salem ma, haunted houses....decorations.......for the past 20 years though---- I really have not been able to do "Halloween right" because the wife and kids are not into it...and no one in my entire town decorates at all....they really don't even like to do trick-or-treat in our town....they do the whole "fall dance" at the school for the kids and the residents......its really getting to me.....but seeing all the things all of you are doing makes me feel so much better.....thanks for posting all the pictures and stories and everything...More and more I feel like Vincent Price in "the last man on earth"
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The fact that you are in the New England area of the US and no one does Halloween surprises me! I always thought Halloween and the mid to north East coast rather went hand in hand. Wow. I think of those states and think of an abundance of Fall colors, Salem, close to Sleepy Hollow, ect....all very Halloween-like!

Well, even though your family isn't as into it as you, can't you still do a little decorating for yourself? Even just a little? Is there a friend or other family member who might like to take a day trip to go to Salem or such with you in October? Or...do you have a friend or other family member that lives outside of your town that you could go help out with their ToT?

Regardless, like you said, you can still hang out with us here on the Forum and get into some Halloween spirit! I know my Halloweens are nothing like they used to be when I was younger, I miss those days, but the forum has helped me to get a little more Halloween fun back. Have you considered joining a Secret Reaper??? Sign Ups for the Secret Reaper 2 are still going on right now. Maybe that would be a little Halloween fun for you, you could make/buy/find some gifts for your Victim, and get a fun box of Halloween cheer in return. Here is the link, if you would like to check it out: http://www.halloweenforum.com/general-halloween/143314-sign-up-discussion-thread-2nd-reaper-2015-a.html
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Regardless, like you said, you can still hang out with us here on the Forum and get into some Halloween spirit!
Definitely! I'm the only one in my family/friends who is super into Halloween and the overall spooky fall atmosphere (so I can get kinda like you are now when the season is done). I'm glad there's a forum where people like you and me can enjoy the holiday year-round. So cheer up; we got you covered!:D
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Here in the forum, besides all the threads about party/prop/decor talk, you can visit the forum threads about ghost stories, paranormal, Halloween funny jokes, videos, ect to read/watch some fun stuff to really get you into the Halloween spirit!! I love popping into those from time to time to get my spook on or have a laugh!
Glad you're here. Maybe just have to say it's your time and they should respect that and let you do some decorating.
I'm also in New England and there really was not much happening in my town either except some trick or treating.
We forged ahead anyway and has seemed to encourage others.
Hoping for the best for you.
Happy Halloween.
The other posters have given you some good advice, but just want to say that I understand where you're coming from and I am really glad that I stumbled upon this site and forum. I have just been reading the General Halloween and Halloween Props boards, but will start checking out the other boards. I think that whatever you are interested in, there is a board for you!

Maybe do as you feel and just go ahead and start putting out some decor early? You never know, it may inspire and encourage others in your neighborhood to follow suit (or your family)!

My husband doesn't celebrate Halloween, so I get no support from him when it comes to decoration, etc., so I am in a similar position. Our kids are getting older and don't really want to go out and ToT anymore. I am in the same neighborhood I grew up in and there used to be TONS of kids, home haunts, etc. Now, it seems like fewer and fewer houses are even giving out candy, let alone putting up outside decor.
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my hubby doesn't dig Halloween like i do so I tell him to just move out of my way! LOL
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When I had moved up to Denver CO, the Townhouses I was living in at the time did nothing. It drove me mad=( Now though, I live in a kid filled area and it brings me so much joy to hear "Let's go to that house first"!
Wow It touched me reading this post. Back in 2000 we moved into a nice quite street off a busy street. Our first son was 2 and I decorate the front of our house. The neighbours comment and such had a few kids .we took a walk got some treats not many people were giving treats. Went to my mother in laws street 2 streets over.very few houses gave treats and almost no decor. The next year we moved to a street with no trick or treating so my mother in law offered the front of her house. I thought sure. She that year gave out maybe 50 treats she was so excited more kids came. And it got the neighbours doing stuff when the saw me out. There was more house lit up giving treats and they were coming giving props and lights they used to use. Now almost 15 years later it is the place to come we gave almost 200 treats, the older people have there families come and help them decorate their places and it has an amazing neighbor hood feel. It has come along way. If you feel strong about it .people will get involved!
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I know I've always been the "odd one" and have felt right at home here. My hubby is into Halloween too, but most people just don't know how into Halloween I am. :) My mom even told me that I was "strange" a few weeks ago when I explained that I buried a mini skeleton inside of a glass planter so that it appears to be looking out. :D

As far as decorating, we're pretty rural and don't get any TOTers so it's totally for our enjoyment. :)
WitchKitty, I agree - this completely blows my Hocus Pocus loving concept of New England! ;)
I actually can't conceptualize anyone not loving Halloween like I do so I may no be much help. If someone tells me they aren't into Halloween I just figure I must have heard them wrong. Seriously, how can they not love Halloween? I don't get it.
Anyway, yes please, continue to hang out here to get your fix! And don't get discouraged enough to give up what you love just because others don't share that passion - do what makes you happy! :D
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I completely understand. In my circle, I am now the lone Halloween fanatic. One of my best friends moved out of state back in February, I miss him a lot, but now more than ever because our favorite time of year has begun. He was my Halloween sidekick :( I try to get my husband involved, but he's just kind of "meh" about it. So, I too am thankful for the forum! Wish we all lived close to one another :eek:
If someone tells me they aren't into Halloween I just figure I must have heard them wrong. Seriously, how can they not love Halloween? I don't get it.
I'm with Madame Leota - I don't get it either!

I'm very lucky! My husband and I are in the very early stages of raising our kids (age 4 & almost 2), so we have years ahead of us where we know they'll be completely into us decorating & TOTing. We actually started doing a display in our yard 3 years before the kids came along, because it's something that DH & I just enjoy doing, not only for ourselves, but for the neighborhood too.

Fall seems to be when we see so many more neighbors outside - the weather is more enjoyable, people are raking leaves, etc. I can't tell you how many people will drive by our house very slowly if they see us outside, and they will thank us for the Halloween (and Christmas) decorations we do. And when people come by our yard on Halloween night, the comments from the kids & adults are really just wonderful - it certainly makes us feel more like a community than any other time of year!

I really encourage you to keep doing it - even if you think it's just for yourself, I guarantee you that there are kids or adults who see your decorations & will smile and appreciate them, and might even look forward to them each year! We have noticed that our neighbors along side of us & across the street now put up more decorations (although not to our extent) than they did before. It's great to see that our little portion of the street is alive with color & lights, and I really think we had something to do with that. :D

I definitely like to think that our yard helps to spawn future haunters each year too - you can just tell with some of the kids because they ask a lot of questions, or want to see a prop over & over, or they tell their parents they don't want to leave yet, or they ask if they can take pictures or pose for them with some of the props. How awesome is it that our love of Halloween spurs someone else on to decorate & spread the joy!
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Some of the people I know who aren't into Halloween are not really into anything else either. It's about celebrating the season and all its activities and attributes; the scents, colors, tastes, sounds, hikes, and changing weather. We go to Oktoberfest, hayrides, fairs, parades, ghost story gatherings, and eventually it leads into Halloween. Most of these people probably ignore all of the above as well...I feel sorry for them. Spice it up, enjoy yourself for once.
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