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Just wanted to send a quick note to follow up to my Trash Can Trauma thread. I got a lot of great advice and the prop worked flawlessly last night.

I'm working on editing some GoPro video and hopefully can post it up later this weekend.

I was able to hide my compressor under a chair I was sitting on and had the prop a few feet away from me with my hoses covered by a dark green blanket. No one suspected a thing and I triggered the piston manually for about 3 hours. Got a lot of screams and laughs out of it but I couldn't have done it without the great advice on this board.

Now that I've got a house and a garage to store things in, as well as a far greater understanding of how use pistons and air pressure for props, I'm looking forward to building a grave jumper and hopefully a winch ghost over the coming months.....I'm actually MORE excited for the building seasons then I was for Halloween last night.

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