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Thank you, to Larry and HalloweenForum.

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Here we are once again, on the Eve of All Hallows, anticipating the thrill we all seem to experience during this particular holiday.
Our imaginings have become real, our plans laid out, our preparations receive their finishing touches - we've waited a full trip around the sun for this night.

I want to thank you, Larry, for this forum and all the brilliance it attracts. This time of year visitors to the forum are plentiful and prolific, which may provide challenges for traffic on the servers, but you manage to keep the gears greased and the hamsters powering the generators well enough for everyone to have a smooth experience.

I also want to thank the members of the forum. The creativity and ingenuity I find here are true inspiration to improve my skill set, and attempt ideas I've discarded in the past. This community is a resource I've tapped for many years, and I extend my gratitude to all who participate - I've received something from all of you.

Tonight is our big night, and I wish everyone a very Happy Halloween - may your Tricks be memorable, and your Treats be a delight.
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Beautifully stated, Ugly Joe!
Thank you very much! We have the best community with the best members for sure!
Well folks, the day has passed and what remains are memories and a few sore muscles (and perhaps a bit of a cramp in the wallet) - I hope the memories are favorable and the pains are worthwhile.

Thank you all once again.
This place really does inspire and energize.

Now, I go flop on mattress...if lucky, I may get shoes off first.
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