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Thank you HalloweenForum! Our 2015 Haunt

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Hello and thanks to all the great people on HalloweenForum! We have been browsing the site for a few years now getting some great ideas and suggestions from some pretty creative and amazing people.

This is our first post of showing some of our 2105 haunt...

Our MIB -

Chuck the Zombie -

Shaking Coffin -

Buster Zombie singing to trick or treaters -

Room Art

Tree Leaf Woody plant Branch Autumn

Lighting Room Night Tree Table

Pink Lighting Light House Tree

Night House Style

Tree Grass Night Games

Tree Darkness Fire Fictional character Games

Vehicle Car Tree Grass Lawn

Thanks for looking!
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I loved the singing zombies and the MIB - it was hysterical. I love humor in haunt....keeps it light and fun. Very well done!
Thanks! For me its more about the kids reaction then the scare. Their faces just light up with amusement when they recognize that something so creepy is singing the songs they know.

This year we had 5 different songs playing on a loop with some basic zombie moans and grunts mixed in between set off by a motion detector.

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Really nice display. I too like the zombies. Very unsettling/creepy in both day and night pics!
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