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Terrys Village Out of Business

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I was just surfing for things and went to Terry's Village webpage only to find an announcement that it has closed its doors! I used to find lots of cool small things there and occasionaly a big item. Sorry to see them go.

Some of their items will be available at I believe it said Oriental Trading Co.
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You could always find their stuff at Oriental Trading since they were part of them, I'm not sure why Terry's Village even existed. The worst part is that their "sale" before they went out of business wasn't really much of a sale because they just moved a lot of their stuff over to OT. They really only had Christmas stuff on sale & even then it wasn't a great deal.
I haven't been on the forum so much recently but sorry i didn't think to post about their closing a while ago. I was on their mailing list and getting emails about it.
I got the emails too but I didn't post about it since almost all their stuff wasn't really on sale & still available at Oriental Trading. I was really hoping they'd put up some good Halloween stuff for sale but they never really did so I never posted about it.

They had some Christmas stuff for sale but it wasn't really that great a sale. I just figured they were moving all that stuff to OT so they didn't bother to lower prices too much.
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