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Terror Syndicate's Home Haunt Book & DVD - GREAT!

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I just got done watching the Terror Syndicate's "The Home haunter's Prop building" video #1, ...........its great......., it shows you step by step, easy to follow!
I am now reading the first book, I cant wait to get the rest!
Fast shipping, Great product, all around great experience and highly recommended.
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The First book and dvd are more into the static props, the first dvd covers:
Sculpting Chicken Wire
Monster Mud (Very cool)
Angel of death Prop
Gargoyle Prop
Painting Techniques
Weather Proofing
It's 127 mins, they really show you every step.

The Book Covers
Home Built Air Pistons
Home Built Air Rams
Prop Controllers
Chicken Wire Bodies
Monster Mud
Air brushing
9 props
Multi Channe; Sound system
It's a great start, I will be getting all 5 books and Dvd's.
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