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Thunder, lightning, tons of hard rain here last night , then we lost electricity for over three hours!
We had people in the house when this all began, then more showed up at the door needing tickets,THEN the buckets of rain fell. My Wife was on her way to the ticket window when this happened , I was going back to be with those already in the house. We both assumed that the people at the door would have gotten back into their cars with such a heavy downpour going on... No they stayed up tight to the house trying to stay dry (Fail!)
When we checked on them again and found them still next to the house I opened the front door and let them in. I quickly stepped out and right back inside. and got drenched, sopping wet clear to the "bone?!
All the lights in town went out, my battery emergency lights picked up the slack,(Funny how THE only place in town all lit up is the "Haunted House!")
They had to miss a few things here because of no electricity, but thankfully my house tour is heavy on narration and story. I also have quite a few items here that work just fine with no electrical current at all.
I have never had a full-house sound system, so we didn't miss not having that. I like the ambient sounds of this old house and we had plenty of them too last night.
Most of our patrons last night had driven 2 to 3 hours to arrive at our door, many of them driving through that terrible weather.
I do believe they all appreciated our sort of hardship and efforts as we readjusted the routing and the tour to still ,maintain a lively show for them all.
Everyone seemed pretty happy to be here, in spite of the hardships.
I am sure all of us will not soon be forgetting last night any time soon. I was being pretty nutty for the show, ad-libbing some too.
How do make a great audience?
I guess make sure some obsticals seem to be keeping them from where they want to be, then their success makes it all worth it?
A feeling of "accomplishment?" is then created?- all good!

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Wow, I bet the sound of the pounding rain really added to your atmospherics :D Glad it was fun & you had no damage (my sister lives east of you on the IN border & she had part of her awning blown off /o\ )
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