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Gotta ask. Why the TV by the front door?
Short answer is my brain is broken. This is what the living room where we operate the props looks like at Halloween.
I have 16 cameras for Halloween but also used as security cams and windows the rest of the year.
This is an older photo and as prices fell the size of the TVs increased. B and C are temporary, A, D, and E stay year round.
The wife has throw a fit for years and wants only one TV like normal folks. I compromised and relocated E by the front door by the alarm pad.
Its still visible from the living room for Halloween use. I sold the wife by telling her she could check for bad guys and bushwhackers before leaving the house and she bought it. BTW there is also a TV in the fireplace. You don’t have to clean up after a fire video, Like I said - my brain is broken.
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