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Well i decided to make an early start on the costume for my son, he wanted to have a costume for the terminator premiere which has just opened over here, so i thought i'll kill two birds with one stone and this will do for Halloween as well
So i got one of the making of books, and using this as a guide i started with the mask, which was an old michael myers mask i had laying around, i also took an endoskull casting i had, then with a lot of cutting and glueing, and swearing :) i managed to get them to go together and make one mask, i then repainted it added eye lights and it wasd done

The rest of the costume went together fairly easy, the exposed robotic chest i made from foamies and other bits, painted with latex paint and hotglued into a t-shirt, i added exposed robot joints to the jacket the same way
The gun i put together from junk i had in the workshop, plastic odds and ends, came together pretty well, heres a shot of the unpainted gun

And finally heres the finished costume, i added a scrolling led badge which i programed with 'hasta la vista baby', cheesy i know!

He had a great time at the premiere, now its hanging in his closet ready for Halloween
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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