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heeellpppp!!! Im running out of time. I have so many things on at once -i got a big job thing, and Im moving ant the same time -i only have this week to plan out my saturday 26th party, because all of next week is work with work on!

So the evil plans I had for spectacular party games are all cancelled, I just dont have the time. instead Im going with a safe bet: tempt your faith.
My theme is witches, and its a mixed group of adults in all ages, some dont drink alcohol.

Im thinking i want al the faths to be spells -so basically you choose a spell from the cauldron, and if you choose to do the spell you must suffer the consequenses.. Im gonna write something about spells and outcomes etc.

some spells will be actual spells -"higety digety dog -I give you the mind of a frog" sorta spells, and some will be consequenses " While eating the pancakes on the witches door, you have awaken her and she holds you captive for later eating" ( consequense, be in a cage for 10 minutes)
or good spells of luck and love where they get to pick out a treat.
As my language is danish, I cant ask you to make cool witchy spell rhymes for me ( dang!! ) but i really need tour help on witchy scenarios for the game on the consequenses.. pretty pleaaaseeee :)

everything you can think of!! Even if its a bit silly, I like silly ;)
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