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Tell me about cheesecloth

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I've read about all of the wonderful things you can do with cheesecloth in your haunt, but I had no idea there would be so many options when it comes to buying the stuff. There are different grades and colors, it seems to come in rolls or in bags, and it's available in all sorts of sizes.

Anyone care to offer me tips on what cheesecloth to buy?

Thanks in advance for helping the noob!
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All I know is that I've found that it's cheaper and bigger if you buy it at the hardware store than the food store. It's in the paint section because it's used to strain paint (they also use it for polishing tile). For like $4 you can get something that's maybe 15 feet long and 3 feet wide. And no shipping cost if you buy local.

Great. Never even thought about a hardware store. I'm heading to Ace in the morning to get some material for my spiders, so adding cheesecloth to my cart shouldn't be a problem!

Thanks for the tip.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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