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Not sure where this goes. It's tech-related inspiration.

This isn't a commercial. I did a vid because I've been enjoying doing vids on all my channels with the MacBook Pro Retina and headset instead of just a link :)

You could buy this tech anywhere. Most of it doesn't mention a manufacturer.

There are some cool ideas. BB promotes them as pranks for your friends. They can be modified to a DIY yard haunt or haunted house easily.

Ironically I’m not doing any of it this year. If it’s in the time and budget I’ll definitely consider some of it next season.

I am more interested in the tech aspect. I’d be so afraid to do pranks. Traditional or tech. I don't want to be signing paperwork!

I'm glad parents get a laugh when the ToT's are scared of static props. If a kid's scared I try to tell a joke and get their mind off of it. Like the Cauldron Creep is cooking the candy or Toralie Stripes the cat was here and she ran up the telephone pole.

I don't have a mobile device (I have three Macs) so tech scares with an app I couldn't do. The ones with the Sphero and haunted bathroom are cool though.

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