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Im a simple 18 year old guy from Florida, and Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. At age 16 I think I was introduced to the idea of a "home haunt", and couldn't believe that people actually did that! While it certainly is a far-off dream of mine still, a simple yard haunt will do the trick for now :)

I came here to learn all I can about props, atmosphere, the works. I tried creating an account on "the other forum" but through some turn of events I was banned before even posting once :( . I haven't heard from the admins yet, so I'll have to rely on you guys to give me my Halloween fix (something that shouldn't prove too difficult for you)

I can not wait to become involved in this wonderful community. I have nothing but respect and admiration for anyone in the industry of haunting, as well as love for the overall celebration that is Halloween

Can't wait to learn from you all!


(P.S. It's easier to pronounce it with a soft j : "Tyalgahorn")
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