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Taxidermy Room / Witch's Apothecary

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I hope this is the right thread. I might have to make/create some of these items.

I'm considering putting together a taxidermy area for a future party. I've never collected items for anything like this. Obviously, you would want some stuffed or mounted animals. I don't know if this a very budget friendly idea. I just want the look of a room, it doesn't have to be very "true". I think I could get away with fabrics that look like leather/suede and fabrics that look like fur. I might combine the area with a curiosity cabinet of sorts. Since its summer, butterflies that have passed away might be easy to collect and mount. I don't know where I would find the bones/skeletons that you find in a lot of these scenes. I do have an old cow skull, and a couple of deer skulls found on our property, along with some antlers. I think I saw that someone posted that Homegoods had some boney decor. What kinds of tools would a taxidermist have? I imagine I could find lots of books, papers, posters that would go with the theme as well. I'll also look at reference photos of true taxidermy offices.

As far as the apothecary, I have some items (bottles, lights to highlight the bottles and old wooden boxes) already from a previous party. I'm going to need more bottles and I can print off more labels. I've seen a lot of apothecary's with hanging, drying plants. I can probably alter the outside of books, for spell books. What else would you include?
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Oh I have been wanting to collect taxidermy for our red neck shack as well!! Haven't found any yet.... :(

Yes the faux fur would be great, old skins, animal traps, rusty tools. Maybe some eyeballs laying about! Old perfume atomizers, paper scrolls, lichen and mosses, stacks of wooden bowls, mortar & pestles, gourds, candles, stacks of old books things like that? You can likely get lots of good ideas from online games like Witches’ Legacy series.
Not sure if this would work, but some of their smaller stuff doesn't look too fake & might pass in a haunt:



...check out this witches room photo inspiration~fantastic detail & lighting!
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Went through an antique store today and saw a snake skin, which got me thinking. It's Summer, I bet if i ask around, friends might be able to find the sheddings that i could hang around my room. I also found some glass cloche pieces that I would love to have to put specimens or special pieces under.
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