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I love Target...and Halloween season doesn't start for me officially until they put out their stuff. Last year they had a ton of adorable things but it was all for the kitchen/dining area, which is okay but I was hoping for even more. Instead of firing off an angry letter to Target Corporate, I decided to make my own stuff out of their supplies.

Behold...my Target Halloween bedroom...

bedroom all.jpg

The bedspread was made from a tablecloth. I used it to make a quilt. It wasn't quite big enough to cover my entire bed (full/queen) so I used it as a center panel and sewed together two queen sized sheets as a "frame."
I accented it using little bat and spider buttons I got at Joann's...perfect!

spider buttons.jpg

All the pillows are tea towels and leftovers from the table cloth (it wasn't wide enough to be a bedspread by itself...and wayyyyyy too long too!)

tea towel pillow.jpg

Once it was all said and done, I presented it to my three minions (Capt. Piddlepants, Pandamonium and Luci-Fur) for approval. They were happy with the results and loved the fact that I had enough left over material to make them a matching pillow...not that they use it. They prefer the bed.

the minions approve.jpg

As you can guess, I'm dying to see what's new this year at Target and fully plan on haunting the aisles looking for more fun things to repurpose and reuse!

Happy haunting!

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Love it!!! You did an outstanding job! Also love your little guys they are adorable!
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