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Hi all,

I just got tapped by the local school's parent organization (PTO) for their "Haunted Gym" Attraction that has been shut down for almost 6 years. Apparently they saw my Front Lawn last year and I have been elected the town's haunt master and the one to consult for these things.

A little background on me:
I have been running lawn haunts for about 4 years now, I am experienced in electronics (use hot end of soldiering iron right?), Pneumatics (Do not stick air cannon down pants..) and most aspects of lawn haunts and their animatronics. I've built: a TCT, Rocking Chair (Scary Terry), FCG, Coffin Jumper, MIB, Etc so I can execute most projects.

What I need is good ideas that fit in these params:
1) Target audience - K-5th Graders
2) Low Gore - No clowns with chainsaws plz - Skelle's OK, Body Parts, No
3) Fast Setup - Take down (I only have the venue for 2 days with 6 Hour setup time)
4) It's in a gym so I can't trash the floors.

The Good News:
1) Large volunteer group including tradesmen
2) $300-500 budget
3) Large staffing group for actors and guides
4) Large pool of materials including walls already built
5) I am supplying most of the hardware, Blacklights, fog machines, Sound, etc

What I've already got in mind:
1) Dot Room (How could I not?)
2) Strobe Clown room - Clown at the back, strobe light, clown advances when strobe is dark, clown gets to the TOT's, holds up sign that says "Happy Halloween" - get it?
3) Hallway "O" Bugs - Dim hallway, beans on the floor (crunch crunch) yarn hanging from ceiling, bug decor
4) Lunch room - Cafeteria Table, lunch lady, Bugs, slime, etc
5) Playground - Teeter Totter, Various lawn props, etc.

I appreciate any input, ideas or suggestions, Looking to make it one to remember for the local kids...


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When it comes to kids that young I would stick with the classics Dracula,Mummy,Werewolf,and Frankenstein. If you need a whole room I'm sure you can come up with something for these guys. I would say Teen Wolf,but that movie was a few years ago. You might want to watch Halloweentown for ideas, my kids love that series of movies. I think what you have already is perfect,GoodLuck !!
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