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The Haunters Day event in Tampa is set for April 23rd, 2016. In these post I hope we can nail down what in addition the swap meet we would like to do and build a schedule. There are a number of facilities at Gallopsville ( 914 128th Ave E, Tampa). In addition to the large building, there are several unique and vintage set buildings. http://www.gallopsvilletampa.com/index2.html The facilities are being made available to us by Scott Gallops at no charge. The gates will open at 8:00am, and program activities will kick off at 9:00. That should allow time to unload, look around a bit, have some coffee, etc. We think 6:00pm will be the close. There is no charge for this event.
There will a large area available for the haunters swap meet, where you can offer things for sale, trade, or give away. Bring any tables or tarps you will need to display your swap meet items. Some tailgating may be possible. There will be chairs for the inside, but bringing some chairs to sit on outside is probably a good idea. There are power outlets available if you need to power your items, I suggest bringing an 3 prong extension cord or two to be safe, if you need power.
There is inside area suitable for classes. Please comment with classes you would like to see, and/or any classes you would like (be willing?) to teach. I will be posting these as they firm up, and later add the scheduled times as I see if any presenters need a specific time.****
1. Greg Solomon from FX Refinery. His work has included both creature and makeup effects, on numerous film and series productions. Some of which include, Hellboy II, Grimm, and Sleepy Hollow.
2. Bill Ramsay aka Dr. Terror Eyes.
3. Tammy Rees Kane.
We envision ordering pizza for lunch for anyone wishing to buy in. There are many other food choices in the area. If there is interest we could do some form of potluck. A good subject for comments.
In addition to displaying props, there is a photo op planned.
This is not a small child friendly place. There are a lot of problematic things they could get into, onto, or under. Unless you can keep a close watch on them constantly with all the distracting things going on around you, they would probably be safer if they skip this event.

Thank you.
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