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Talking Full Size Bucky

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Talking full size bucky for sale. $350.00 plus shipping. Works great! Stained bucky as well. Cowlacious Talking Skull with red led eyes that flash while skull speaks. Recorder board and player board included to add your favorite script or song. This was a hit for 2008 Halloween decorations. Switching directions for 2009. Price is firm, I have well over that invested in it and time staining. PM me if you are interested. Here is a link to view a similar one in action. Talking Skull Prod. Would consider a trade, I do need a couple Parallax USB Servo Boards. Or if you have something of intrest send me a PM.
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I sent you a PM but i should've re-read your first post. Can you please calculate what shipping would be to me and let me know?

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Have you sold this yet? I might be interested if you haven't.

I am all thumbs when it comes to servos, electronics and the like, so does this have everything already finished out so you could just plug in an input to a cd player or the like and plug the whole thing in, or does it require computer programs and other electronics to run? (I'm also hampered by the fact that I am a Mac girl, and I don't think any of the computer programs will run on that platform even if I could figure them out).

If the bucky is plug and play, let me know, because I think this looks fantastic and I really want a talking skeleton... :D
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