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I've been blown away by the creative juices everyone here seems to have. As I lurk around, I'm often wondering about the cool avatars. Especially the ones of people in thier own costumes. If you're interested, talk about it here and write down the inspiration.

Mine was from a few years ago. Before I started my own drive way/backyard haunt, my son and I dressed up and added to our smallish front yard display at dusk. Believe I used some makeup from a local Halloween store and I glued some corn flakes and tissues to our faces for the flesh. Lots of fun and each year it's gotten better.

OK-- let's hear about em.
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Mine is from the terror syndicate website, it's what I/m going as this year...
Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko. One of my favorite movies. Met the actor that played him last year. I hope to some day go as frank. But for me its not a costume you can buy, it has to be made.
Mine is the Stanley Hotel...a place I would love to spend a vacation.
Mine is the first monster mud reaper that I made. We had a very early snow fall so I put a wreath on him.
Okay, just added it.

Mine is Bub's from homestarrunner.com as a talking wheelchair as he pursues Eh! Steve. He is saying, "Ill get you"

This character can be seen in ins this Strong Bad Email:
Compy 386!

Yeah, I'm a weirdie nerd.
Mine is a picture of Jodelle Ferland as Dark Alessa in "Silent Hill". I still get creeped out by that scene where she is talking to Rose.
Mine is a pic of the first 'Twisted Poppet' art doll that I made. Her name is 'Catastrophe'.
Mine is one of my kidlets being a goofball with some of the eyeballs I made from a super wonderful fabulous tutorial by Fangoria on here. I thought he looked silly, so I had to use it.

Otaku - I love your avatar...I can't get enough Silent Hill.
Mine is a picture of the zombies from the Corn Pops commercial. Their singing at the end was stuck in my head so I decided to make an avatar out of them.

YouTube - Corn Pops Zombie Commercial
Mine is a picture of an angry cupcake and in the background is the flag of an alliance I'm part of over in Cyber Nations. ..the cupcake is from my extremely random nickname they gave me... "cupcakes" ..no clue where that came from.
Mine is just a pic from photobucket that kinda reminds me of me on Halloween. I always dress up witchy......I would give anything for her hair though lol!
Mine is one of the first pumpkins I ever skin carved rather than just cutting out holes. It's Heather Donahue's iconic nose dripping moment from Blair Witch Project. I was very proud of it then, I am very proud of it now :)
Mine is the Scarecrow who is the king of OZ in the movie "Return to OZ" great movie. I love the dark ambiance of it and the "Wheelers" are very creepy.
Mine is the best. Very creative you know. lol
Mine is a picture of Tom Latham standing near the The Seven Witches from the cult classic Psychomania. My brother and I use to watch it all the time and it's pretty obscure. It was a toss up between that and old raccoon eyes from The Crawling Hand.
Mine is Rob Zombie, my hero, and the tag below it, SuperBeast, is a song by him.
It's a pic of me in costume that has been tinted yellow in Photoshop.
Mine is a Pumpkin I carved a few years ago. I thought it looked pretty wicked...
Mine is the best. Very creative you know. lol
Yep-Kinda like mine...creativity in overdrive! :p
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