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We love the Halloween Forum. There are so many great ideas and suggestions. People answer our questions, and we get a chance to pass along what we've learned to fellow haunters far, far away. One thing we find fun to do when we’re taking a break is to visit a favorite main forum and click on the “last” page option. Try it and you’ll fly all the way back to 2003 to see what people were up to in the day.

It’s fun to see people bemoaning the difficulty of finding a 3 volt adapter. Cell phone chargers weren't a thing. We enjoy reading about people exploring the newest idea out there—monster mud. It was a world without zip ties at the local store, and they didn't sell wiper motors at Monster Guts. It’s also bittersweet when a prop you want to make is discussed, but all the tutorial pictures are missing. Fifteen years ago, the world was a different place for haunters. It’s fun for us to go back now and then and do a bit of archaeological digging.

As relatively new haunters, we realize we stand on the shoulders of some great haunters who came before. Their ingenuity creating lighting with old incandescent bulbs makes it hard to brag about what we do with LEDs. There’s really no comparison to what haunters used to do to hide big spotlights and light tombstones. But amidst all the old tech that we no longer use are the first people to make a Flying Crank Ghost, a Cauldron Creep, or an Axworthy Ghost. There’s history in those pages and it’s a great way to spend a bit of time.

If you’re always looking for the latest and greatest Arduino chatter, this suggestion might not be all that entertaining. But for those who want to know our history, it’s kind of amazing. And you might even find a few items that were great in their time and still great in ours. For us, it’s a fun way to use this resource we call Halloween Forum.
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