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Take a look!

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This is the web site of a friend of mine that lives right up the street. He is one of the most creative people I have ever met. Take a look at some of his creations......

Grim Hollow Haunt
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fantastic haunt, great props, looking at the previous years, he has improved every year!
How great it would be to have such an enthusiastic, creative haunter on your street. Very nice stuff.
I have always loved this guy. Does he have any tutoriels?
Pretty cool! Wish he was my neighbor!
WoW! Grim Hollow looks like a great haunt.
I think he does have tutorials on his MySpace. I've had him as a friend on myspace for a year or two. He makes GREAT STUFF! :)
Wow! What a great site! It's so awesome when you have others that participate at the level we all do in your neighborhood.
Thanks for all the nice comments. I used to be on here some, but haven't been in a while. Thanks Ross!

Oh yeah, I have a few simple how-to's on my blog, they are probably in last years posts, or early 2009 posts. I plan on putting more on there as time allows.
Wow, wow, and wow!!!!
Grim, love your haunt, the Grim prop you made is awesome and those Ghosts are excellent, very creepy looking . It's a shame we can't all have neighbours like you, mine's boring, he doesn't do a thing for Halloween :(

If I ever move to the U.S I'm buying a house near you guys :D
I follow his blog.Love his stuff.Since you two are close together and not to far from me I need to come and look at both.
Thank you for posting that link it is nice seeing all those projects in one yard.
Man, what a neighborhood!! You guys must get a LOT of kids.
I love his haunters - the ones all hunched over but you don't see their face.

I'd love to see some tutorials!!

Thanks for sharing!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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