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switch mat

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Does anyone know if there is a cheap mat available that triggers something when you step on it?

I'm looking for something thats super simple to connect and can be used on different props that have a trigger button on them.
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harbor freight has "scat mats", ive seen them anywhere from 7.00 - 15.00 (depending on if on sale, ect)

not great quality, but would work in a pinch and super cheap
There are a couple of tutorials on the Monster List for building switch mats.
thanks guys, we dont have a Harbor Freight close by and Dr. Dark, I wasnt looking to build anything, I was hoping for buy, open, plug in, voilà!
Just trying to help a brother out.
I know, and I appreciate it, just not looking to build.....
markgoodson, can I just plug in the props AC plug or the "try me" button into that mat then maybe the mat has a power plug that goes into the wall so when you trigger it, it sets off the animated prop?
OpenTrackRacer, that mat says it has an alarm on it, I assume there would be hacking involved to make it trigger my Jason? I would have no idea how to do that....
You just have to cut the wires by the alarm box and the wires for the "TRY ME" button on the prop. Splice the wires from the mat to the ones formerly for the "TRY ME" and you are good to go. The mat will now act as a trigger for the prop, instead of the try me button. Plus the Harbor Freight mats have a long wire (30+ feet).

humm, thanks, that sounds like a pretty easy fix....
I've done it once before with one of those cheesy "Happy Halloween" door mats that screams and makes noise. It worked well on an older "head ripping zombie" from Spencers. The mat is nothing more than a big momentary contact switch with low voltage DC power, so the Harbor Freight alarm mats should work. I just ordered two for myself, so we'll see how well they work. :rolleyes:

I just ordered one, I hope it works, just attach a small head phone jack to it I guess and plug it into the prop.......
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