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surprise visitors

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couldn't figure out how to rotate this ...

found these 2 guys drinking out of my bird bath ... they've been back many times since ... no idea how many times they've graced their presence ... wonder if i can entice them 2 make an appearance on the big night?

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Wow amk! That is so awesome, never seen anything like that in a residential setting, how cool and you got video!
Some roadkill will do the trick....
Lol, or a vulture mating call thingy..
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Replace the statue with an Edgar Alan Poe figure, maybe you'll attract some ravens.
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Pretty cool! All we have around here are those ugly turkey vultures.
And they look So Life-like too! Any small infants disappeared lately? Small minnie dogs?
After I put the Pteradactyl skeleton on the side of my house large birds began flying passed it , sometimes circling back to get a good look at it.
Birds think too!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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