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I am always on the lookout for stuff to be used for our Halloween party prize stash.

We stopped into Pier 1 just to look, and I found some great stuff on clearance:

Chinese Fortune Sticks - they are in a round red cylinder, and you work them by gently shaking the cylinder until one of them sticks out - that one is drawn out and has sayings on it like fortune cookies. $7.48

Scent Sachets - these are really cool little tan pillows with a tree graphic on them and a hanging loop and little beads dangling off from it. They come with a small tube of essential oils in the scent of "mysteries" (get it?) and smells like a very light musk/earth tone. (they also had jasmine scent, lovely, but that doesn't quite fit with a spooky theme). $3.68

At Barnes & Noble, they are running a special - buy 2 dvds, get one FREE (good till July 6 I think). aaaaannnd they had a $4.99 bin near the front of the movie/music section filled with movies, and there were lots of horror/drama/suspense movies... If you have a B&N discount card that also takes an additional 10% off... I picked up 6 movies for $18 meaning I got them for $3 each. :)

I got:

Audrey Rose
Amityville Horror (they had both the original and remake)
The Dark Half
The Ghoul
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Don't Drink and Fly!!
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Great score, FG!! I'll have to check out B&N tomorrow, we'll be out running errands. Thanks for the tip.
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