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I found a great store the items are expensive but I would rather pay 300 for somthing thats worth it rather than not but I went to homesense and they had thing I fell in love with but I already got my one expensive thing this year so my wife wont let me get any of it but they had a bench with a dark angle statue lying across the top and also they had 2 pikes with skulls on the top good for the entrence to a gate like I said the first is 300 and the pikkes are 150 but they are made out of what feels like stone so sure what exactly but they are very nice and look worth the price I was told by an employee that a week before they drop the stuff 50% off then a day are two before another 50
so take a look
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ah yes, most stores drop halloween prices...and unlike you, i am one of those people that would rather sweat it out hoping the prices drop before the last one is sold than to pay full price for it. lol
no I only pay full price at halloween stores cuz I know they wil just put in storage till next rather than drop the price but thers I try to wait untill it drops but becaue I already gpt my toy this year even when it drops I m not llowed to get it
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