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I just wondered if anyone who uses things like cotton in building their props ( such as latex and cotton balls for hands , corpsing etc) realizes you can but things like non sterile roll cotton ( almost like cotton batting, can easily be ripped apart to make the size clump you want) and 4x4 gauze squares, and rolls of gauze at places like http://www.jefferspet.com/pages/horse and farm and ranch stores like TSC pretty cheaply. I am working an a set of hands and I went to the barn to swipe some roll cotton and also vet wrap ( you may know it as co flex) I know the vet wrap you can buy in smaller widths in the human pharmacy , but the stuff for horses is 4 in wide and I forget how many yards long to a roll.(this is the bandaging material that sticks to itself they sometimes use for casts) .I just do not remember anyone talking about where they buy this stuff and thought someone might find it cost effective to go that route
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So happy that you posted this - even if it was 7 years ago. This just saved me a ton of money. I paid $5.50 for ONE roll of this stuff from amazon and it's only $1 a roll through that site. I'm planning to mummy wrap some of my Christmas decorations with it so that I can also use them for Halloween.
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