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Dave Lowe has a tutorial with a one eyed furry monster window display. Taking inspiration from Dave, I created a giant clown head and used two very inexpensive eyeball plastic molded masks on poster board. Dave uses a giant salad bowl, but the masks are so lighter and easier to work with. I painted each eye mask with black light paint to go with my theme. I cut the eyes out of the poster board, making sure the eye holes were slightly smaller than the masks. I then taped the eyes on the back of the poster board. (I taped them so I could use them again next year) I have a light shining on the back of the eyes and I also have a black light flood on the exterior. The clown face can be seen both day and night. The neighborhood kids love how his eyes follow them as they pass by! This project could easily be modified to fit any theme.

I found the masks online for about $3 each. Poster board at Hobby Lobby, with coupon was $3. The entire project costs less than $10.


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Oh that's nifty! I love the effect, and wish I had a window to use it in!! :D
And LOVE the crazy clown in your front yard too. :cool:

Not sure how many sheets of posterboard you ended up needing or if it was better quality, but the Dollar Tree does carry posterboard too (two sheets for a dollar if I am remembering correctly).

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Hey, this is a pretty cool effect. After looking up the guy's tutorial, I grabbed some $1 bowls from Dollar Tree and some foam core this afternoon, and now I have creepy window eyes. [Dave Lowe tutorial] and [Terra's eyeballs].

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Stare at it long enough, and you'll begin to see the house. Two small windows, telephone pole center front, slope of the roof peeking out at top right. One 11" bowl per window. They really DO appear to move around. Perfect from the street, gets a bit off within about 6 feet. I HAD to do this - it's fair season, and I'm missing my beloved classic dark-ride with its cheesy facade with the rolling eyeballs.
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