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Super cheap liquid latex found!!!

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Hey guys, I had to post this and hope it helps you out as much as it helped me out. I'm making a ton of props and things this year for Halloween that require liquid latex but holy crapola that stuff is expensive! Spirit sells it for about $15 per 16 oz bottle (after you use the 20% off coupon) and I've seen it at Party City for almost $20 per 16 oz. The worst was a Halloween pop up store selling it for over $25 per 16 oz bottle. Way out of my price range...and for the quantity I need, I'd have to take out a small loan.
Online wasn't much better. You can get it for cheap but the shipping costs will eat you alive.
Then yesterday I was at Walmart and saw they have the same 16 oz bottles as Spirit and Party City for...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

...less than $9 a bottle!

Not only that, but nobody seemed to be buying it...so I bought them all! I got 5 bottles for less than $50! That's almost 80 oz of liquid latex! THE THINGS I CAN DO WITH ALL THIS LATEX IS FRIGHTENING! Muahahaha haha ha hahaahaaa...

Ahh, sorry.

Yeah. So if you need latex. Go to Walmart.

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Great tip. Hope the Walmart execs aren't reading this. :eek:
Really??? I will have to check out my local Wal-Mart. I swear I didn't see any when I looked the other day. Maybe I didn't look well enough, or you have a nicer Wal-Mart. :p
What department in Walmart is it in?
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Yes, where in Walmart?

Never buy it at Spirit or one of the Halloween stores. Whatever doesn't get sold, and liquid latex is always on the list, gets shipped back out to stores the following year. And it does have a limited shelf life.
I noticed that bottle at wally mart then saw the same one too for 8 dollars more at Spirit, going to pick some up at wally mart
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