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Hey guys, I had to post this and hope it helps you out as much as it helped me out. I'm making a ton of props and things this year for Halloween that require liquid latex but holy crapola that stuff is expensive! Spirit sells it for about $15 per 16 oz bottle (after you use the 20% off coupon) and I've seen it at Party City for almost $20 per 16 oz. The worst was a Halloween pop up store selling it for over $25 per 16 oz bottle. Way out of my price range...and for the quantity I need, I'd have to take out a small loan.
Online wasn't much better. You can get it for cheap but the shipping costs will eat you alive.
Then yesterday I was at Walmart and saw they have the same 16 oz bottles as Spirit and Party City for...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

...less than $9 a bottle!

Not only that, but nobody seemed to be buying it...so I bought them all! I got 5 bottles for less than $50! That's almost 80 oz of liquid latex! THE THINGS I CAN DO WITH ALL THIS LATEX IS FRIGHTENING! Muahahaha haha ha hahaahaaa...

Ahh, sorry.

Yeah. So if you need latex. Go to Walmart.

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