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Not sure what category this would fall under, hope I've picked the right one.

I have a set up in my garage and for the last few years have used fence panels to create a floor. Over time some of them had gotten warped and I want to do something different other than just setting everything on concrete. I'd mulled around getting outdoor carpet or even painting the floor. What suggestions do you have? Materials, Color, etc?


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I would get some cheap carpet and paint it (bloody splatters?). Might check craigslist to see if anyone is throwing up whole rooms of used carpeting for free just to get it hauled off.

I would not put anything permanent on that floor; you'll hurt the house's resale value if you don't feel like changing out, or else have to repaint it when time to move and that seems like a hassle either way. :D

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Hmm... I think a lot depends on what you want to store - or what you have room for. I'd probably go with paint - either directly onto your garage floor, or if no one walks on the wood floor you've assembled besides you, I'd consider maybe sanding your warped boards enough that you can reuse this floor, and then I'd likely paint a scene directly on it or buy some painters floor cloths, paint the images and then staple them on.

I'd probably paint a stone look onto the floor -

It would make it look dungeon-like. You could even paint a pathway on it if you want to let TOTers walk into your garage, and you could even paint it only some of your tarp walls to continue the look. Maybe make a few plywood panels for the walls of your garage with the stone look & then hang some spooky lanterns off them.

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