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Hi Group!

I've had this idea for about a year now but haven't been able to see it come to fruition. I'd like to create a "Haunted Gate" into my Halloween Party using these three elements:

1) Motion Sensor/timer

My idea is based off of AtmosFEARfx Holograms. I would like to set up a hologram that would go off when guests approach the entrance to the Party/Graveyard/Haunted House, etc. When they approach, a sensor sets off the fog machine, followed by the hologram coming out by the gate, motioning people toward the house, then disappearing as the gate automatically opens.
Putting all three of those elements together has been a real headache, since I'm not electrically-inclined, nor do I have a vast array of tools or supplies. the hologram part I get (projector, curtain, etc) but everything else is a mystery!
Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be done? I also don't want to spend an exorbitant amount of $$$ of this -- better to have it go to other things in the house (like funsy drink!)
Any suggestions? Anyone use anything out there like that??

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