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Suggestions about what to wear with this costume?

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For Halloween this year I don't want a super elaborate costume, I was just thinking of buying some big black ram's horns and black feather wings, and just wearing regular (but again black, because color coordination and whatever) clothes apart from the horns and wings. I may buy a cheap t-shirt and rip the back so it looks like the wings are coming through, and just wear black jeans or something, but do you guys have any suggestions for clothes and accessories? I am wanting a bit of a steampunk/punk demon look, but I'm still not totally sure yet. FYI, I am a teenage guy, so I guess keep that in mind? Thanks :)
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I'd likely hit a basic darkened or even red-ish eye makeup or if you don't want to fuss with makeup, dark or mirrored shades with the basic black clothing. I love the idea of wearing a dress shirt with a tie (blood red tie with black shirt and pants? Check out your local thrift stores so you aren't spending lots of $) so you'd look like a very dapper demon. The horns and wings with the classic dressy clothing would be an interesting contrast. I've always liked the idea of a super fashionable, classy looking devil/demon - they don't all have to be covered in filth or ugly.
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