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Suggestion on fogger timer...

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Hello everyone. I hope this is the correct section for this...

I recently bought a Rosco 1500 fog machine for $10 at a surplus store. I knew nothing about it, but it felt solid and then I found out it is, or was at one time, a very high-end theatrical fogger. It works incredibly well, spitting out a massive cloud of fog, or a trickle (it's adjustable) and makes almost zero noise. So all good there...

My problem is there is no timer on it and I need one for my graveyard. Basically it's always on, or you can manually pulse it. A remote is available but it also has no timer (and it's quite expensive). anyone have any suggestions for a way to timer it on and off. Can a cheap spirit halloween timer be MacGuivered to act as a timer?

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The timer for my American DJ fogger uses a 5-pin plug. No idea if the electronics are compatible, though.
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