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Screamers, laughers, swearers, laughs non-stop AND addictive! Scaring people one at a time, getting them a room full at the same time!
A small woman with an infectious trip-hammer laugh! (Married to the easy-scare, swearer.! What a combo!
I figured out early on that she had been here before and he had not been.
She may have been just a little bit, slightly...evil.
All the simple, $1.98 cheap, easy little things that I will do during a tour....that makes them jump , swear,scream, then laugh!
I am forced to simply love it, when the top compliments begin being uttered in just the second room and So Very much lies ahead.
It's not about "The Money", it's always been about the pure FUN of it all!
The little "Wife"(Trip-hammer-laugher) didn't want me to smack her head against the real brink secret door/wall to continue the house tour... but it all worked out, just as it always does.
What A Night!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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