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Styrofoam Toe-pincher Coffin

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I made a toe-pincher coffin out of 1” extruded Styrofoam for my outdoor display. This wasn’t my design, so thanks to those from who I borrowed the idea, especially Spooky Blue. I did take a few liberties with the design, however.

It was sized to fit a Costco skeleton, and used a little over one sheet (4’X8’) of 1" Styrofoam total. The bottom was cut first, and sides were 12” high. They were glued to the sides of the bottom, giving an internal depth of 11”. I used PL300 to glue it together.

I wasn’t too careful about getting the side miter cuts exact, any gaps were filled with a bit more pl300. Halfway into the project, I found that a battery operated hack saw with a 1” wide metal blade (fine tooth) worked best for cutting; it didn’t tear the edges like a carpet knife does. After the box was done, it was used to trace out the lid.

After the glue dried, edges were lightly sanded. I then scribed a wood grain pattern into the sides and lid. Here are my high tech tools:

I used the pencil to make board outlines, and the sharp side of the pen cap for etching the woodgrain:

After scoring, everything was painted with flat black latex. All the grooves must get paint. I had to touch up a few spots where the pink was showing through. Then I let the black paint dry thoroughly.

I then used a sponge to lightly brush on grey latex enamel. Less is more here. The sponge must be almost dry. After the grey paint is applied sparingly, a rag was rubbed across the surface to smooth out the effect.

After drying, a few dots from a sharpie marker to simulate nail heads were added:

The finished product, total weight about 5 pounds:

So about 4 hours spent on construction, and about the same for finishing. Time well spent.

Overall, I think it turned out ok for my first attempt at this kind of finishing technique. Thanks for taking a look.:D


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Well done!!! I think it turned out really well. The wood grain pattern adds so much.
Wow, that's a great looking coffin!
Sweet!! Nice job, thanks for the nice play by play. Looks great!
That prop...I am totally copying that next year!!!
Nice job on the finishing.! Gives me some great ideas for some other props I have that need some texture. Thanks!
Great job! That looks fantastic and nice paint and detail work on it....
Excellent work. Much easier to move around than one that's made from scrap pallet wood (moving mine is one heck of a chore!)
I had a good chuckle over your 'high tech tools'! :D
Thank you for breaking down the steps to make an amazing prop look do-able. You did a fantastic job!
Great job!! Can that be weatherproofed??
There should be no issues with putting this outside, as the styrofoam, glue, and paint were all exterior grade.

Thanks everyone for the comments!
Excellent finishing! Detailing all that woodgrain must mean you are a haunter of great patience. Are you going to detail the interior as well?
Excellent finishing! Detailing all that woodgrain must mean you are a haunter of great patience. Are you going to detail the interior as well?
The interior is just painted black. In my pre-construction mind this coffin was very basic without handles, crosses, or satin interior. A coffin you would use for shoot, shovel, and shut-up. I wanted it to look like old weathered fence boards were used to build it, as if who or what was inside wasn't worth new wood.

Maybe I read too much Stephen King...
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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