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styrofoam head ghoul makeover

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started working on this Styrofoam head i got to use with my shiatsu animatronic. i haven't carved a styrofoam head in years so i was kind of just practicing with this guy. came out pretty good but i went way to far with the mouth. hollowed out to much inside as well. it looked really stylized and creepy but not what i was looking for as far as this project goes. maybe something for later. so i went ahead and filled in the mouth area with great stuff and gave it a second shot. now i have a mouth i am more happy with. I was going to try and sculpt the teeth right on the head but it didn't work out either cause they were way to flimsy and broke off so i made some teeth out of some old sheet plastic i had laying around. I'm pretty happy with the outcome so far. for the bottom teeth i went more spaced out and for the top i wanted to see what it looked like with them tighter together. i haven't finished with the teeth yet, got a few more to make and then ill probably glue them in a bit higher than they are in the pictures. they sit a bit to low at the moment. The eys are those cheap plastic painted eyeballs you can get at Halloween stores. Got them cheap one year and finally get to use them. Ill be dressing those up as well. Gotta work on some irises.

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This would be a really good base to corpse off of.
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