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Styrofoam boards for the front windows

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So today I decided to build some 6' boards to board up my front windows to the house....I still need to build a few more...I just hope they turn out allright in the end. This is the first two I have started so far


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I used 1" foam board instead of Styrofoam as its easier to handle and doesnt make the white things everywhere. I cut a frame to fit snuggly inside the window about 6" wide then used the peice cut out of the center to cut into strips for the boards. On back I used some old used thick mil plastic from painting and cut it like broken glass then finished the back with black landscape fabric. Let's some light come through and great with a bulb behind it at night. You'll need foamboard, foamboard adhesive, plastic and landscape fabric. To keep them in the windows I cut a few wedges of wood to stick around the outside. See windows below. View attachment 220178
That's beautiful ! But, you're crushing my ego. ;) I'm doing some boarded windows this year, but they're nowhere near THAT. Great job!!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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