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Anyone watch this silly movie on Netflix?

I put it off for a while, because I'm not a huge creature feature person, but I'm deathly afraid of wasps and anything that has a stinger. The final nudge was when I watched YouTuber HorrorWhore reviewing it and saying it's actually pretty dang good.

So I watched it and LOVED it, hahaha. Pretty good special FX, not all CGI, which is really important to me, I can't stand CGI overuse....and I think that's what actually worried me....but they do have really good gore and animatronic close ups and what not. Of course the story is a little cheesy, but like HorrorWhore mentions, it takes itself seriously, and it delivers quite well.

I definitely recommend it! Mostly just based on the bugs themselves! Oh man, it did give me the heebie jeebies and time or two, I seriously can't stand wasps, LOL!!!
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