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Stranger Things S4 anyone else doing this?

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Just curious if anyone else is doing some Stranger Things inspired props? If so really interested in seeing how they are coming along. I'm working on 3 additional parts to my Rail Guy that will tie him into ST theme
1) a portal with glowing red / yellow lighting, with a Grandfather clock
Plant Art Tree Font Arecales

Door Wood Floor Fixture Flooring

2) 8' Creel House tower
Triangle Wood Door Font Parallel

3)Radio from Creel House dining room, playing "dream a happy dream" song.
Light Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Wood

Musical instrument accessory Font Audio equipment Radio Rectangle

Just got from Ebay.
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YES!! Finally! Someone else is doing Stranger Things- Season 4! Im not doing a haunt at my home- (we are under construction)- But we attend a big Trunk or Treat at a local Drive In thester..
I drive a pick up- so I decorate the back of my truck and get everyone into themed costumes..
So Im doing a portal to the upside down- which will cover the entire back- from the ground up -8 ft tall. Using purple foam board- (havent started that yet), but will have a demogorgan head coming out of the opening, and a life size Vecna with arm and creepy hand out stretched.. here’s what Ive gotten done so far-
Shoulder Plant Purple Human anatomy Pink

Wood Natural material Gesture Art Flooring

Picture frame Purple Plant Pink Flower

Sculpture Gesture Wood Art Statue

Sculpture Jaw Wood Art Fashion design

Jaw Sculpture Art Creative arts Wood

Jaw Sculpture Statue Creative arts Wood
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