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Strange Things

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I went on an outing yesterday too a local wilderness area so that I could collect materials for my haunt display. As I was searching for the perfectly twisted branches I came across something rather disturbing. A set of teeth protruding through the leaves. As I cleared away the debris I unearthed a small skull with oddly spiked horns. In all I found the intact skull, lower jaw, legs and numerous vertebrae of what appears to be a baby buck. Truly strange things appear when you least expect them.


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Dead things out in the wild while intriguing can be dangerous depending on why they are dead. Be careful.

For example, here's an Anthrax fact sheet from the Oklahoma City County Health Department: https://www.occhd.org/application/files/7114/5211/4731/Anthrax_Fact_Sheet_large.pdf
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