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hey im havin a party and want strange and funny and prefferably clean songs. they can have a frew swear words in but not like every other word thanks :)

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Do you have a theme for your party or do you just want general Halloween songs?

Some good basic ones are:
The Monster Mash by Boby Boris Pickett
The Witch Doctor by David Seville
This is Halloween from the 'Nightmare Before Christmas' soundtrack
Werewolf of London by Warren Zevon
Thriller by Michael Jackson
Feed my Frankenstein and Welcome to my nightmare by Alice Cooper
Bark at the moon by Ozzy Osborne
The Time Warp (and pretty much anything else) from the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Bela Lugosi's dead by Bauhaus
Dragula by Rob Zombie

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Another of my favorites is Zombie Girl. They have an electro/industrial rock style, perfect for Halloween

Other songs by Zombie Girl include:
Creepy Crawler
I Want It
Screams From The Cemetery
-this is one of my favorites for creepy ambiance... no vocals, and, ironically, no screams, just subtle music accompanied by ambient sound effects you'd hear in a cemetery.

Witches in Bikinis have a sort of campy,old school Halloween style. Check out these songs:

Dear Dr. Frankenstein
Video Vixen Vampire
A Scary Kind Of Love
All Hallows Eve
Hold Me, My Little Ghostie
Horror Flick Chicks
Witches In Bikinis
Spooks On The Loose
Haunted Mansion
Goblin Gaboom
Cemetery Boogie
Monster Woogie
Subway Spooks
Zombie March
Graveyard Tango
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