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Had this discussion with another haunter who thought she had a way to make a monster mud creature in multiple parts for easier storage... she never did it. I would think the constant putting it together and taking it apart for storage would flex the mud too much and make it flaky. We've done one with a flat back to save space width ways he backs up against the wall and no one can tell he's only 8 inches wide if that in the darkness. I've heard of folks just leaving them out to weather all winter in the back corner of the yard but they used some serious waterproofing and still needed to add a new coat of mud and more waterproofing in the summer.

You didn't mention how much space you have to store things in. Grant you a large thing like a Mud creature needs more then the the usual amount of space. Crawl spaces, attics, under porches, under the steps, spare closets. Despite having 3 acres we have the walk in space ship stored in Frog's parents' empty barn because even though it's build in sections that stack those sections would fill most of one car slot in the garage easy and we need that space for other things... like storing the hearse.

As suggested a storage shed might be in order. Check out craigslist I picked up 3 free ones over the past few years they're not pretty to look at but they work. If you have more space... a tarp building from Harbor Freight (remember to use the 20% off coupon) or Costco when they have them. Not sure how well it would work but maybe a protected corner of the yard with a good tarp cover tied over it might work if you're only need to store one big thing. We keep our mud monsters just under the pony's old open air shed, just a roof no sides, they are covered so the rain isn't hitting them directly but that's all the protection they get and they have survive just fine that way. Good luck.
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